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Winter & Spring 2022 Conferences & Retreats

Army Navigators MLK Conference

“The Great Commission”

14-17 January 2022


The MLK Conference is an opportunity for West Point cadets, Army ROTC cadets and laborers from various Army posts across the country to come together to learn about Jesus’ Great Commission to go and make disciples along with practical workshops.


Location: Camp Pinnacle, Voorheesville, NY

Speakers: Ft Bragg Navigator Staff (Matt Allen, Ben Keyser, & Rob Van Wey)

Cost: Cadets - $60-$120 (depending on year group)      Others - $165

Open to: West Point and Army ROTC Cadets & laborers

Sign Up/Register:

Questions: Rob Van Wey at


New England Academies/ROTC Retreat (“NEAR-R”)

“Connected To Christ; Connected To Each Other”

28-30 January 2022


NEAR-R is a spiritual formation retreat ministering to cadets and midshipmen from the Northeast. This year's focus will be on establishing a real connection with Jesus while at the same time fostering real connection with fellow believers on our sphere of influence.


Location:  Toah Nipi Retreat Center, Rindge, New Hampshire

Speaker:  Chaplain (LTC) David Curlin, USA.

      Chaplain Curlin is a former infantry officer and current chaplain with 4 combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He currently serves as the            FORSCOM Chief of Operations & Sustainment Chaplain, Ft Bragg, NC.

Cost:  Cadets/Midshipmen - $80     Others - $100

Open to Academy and ROTC Cadets & Midshipmen, Cadre and Guests

Sign Up/Register:

Questions:  Tim Hafner at

                      Kevin Kimball at

                      Larry Sherbondy at


Eastern ROTC Retreat

“Integrated Christian Living in a Disintegrated World”

4-6 February 2022


This retreat features worship and growth sessions with our speaker and the praise/worship team, plus an interactive panel with junior officers who have “been there” already, a “Married in the Military” discussion, and evangelism and discipleship workshops.


Location:  White Sulphur Springs OCF Conference Center, Manns Choice, Pennsylvania

Speaker:  LTC (Ret) Jim Cameron, USA

Cost:  Cadets/Mids - $103   Other (Single) - $183  Couples - $325 (Cost covers 2 Nights Lodging & 4 Meals)

Open to all ROTC Cadets, Mids, Cadre and Guests

Sign Up/Register:

Questions:  814-623-5583


Rocky Mountain ROTC Retreat:

“Having a Bold Witness in Command”

18-20 February 2022


Come grow as a “Servant-leader” who integrates faith and profession. Receive encouragement as a future Christian military officer. Connect with other ROTC Cadets and Midshipmen in the Rocky Mountain Region.


Location:  Spring Canyon OCF Conference Center, Buena Vista, Colorado

Speaker:  Kevin Bouren, COL, USA

Cost:  Cadets/Mids - $100 Others:  $210 (Cost covers 2 Nights Lodging & 5 Meals)

Open to all ROTC Cadets, Mids, Cadre and Guests

Sign Up/Register:

Questions: Tom Falconer at or 719-661-2442


Maritime Navigators Presidents Weekend Discipleship Conference

“A Vision for Spiritual Generations”

19-21 February 2022


The Navigators Maritime Conference is for USNA and ROTC midshipmen and Navy/Marine Corps staff and laborers. The theme is A Vision for Spiritual Generations and will include discipleship focused workshops.


Location: Skycroft Conference Center, Middletown, MD

Speaker: Tom Bourke

Cost: $179

Open to: All USNA and Navy/Marine Corps ROTC midshipmen along with Navy & USMC staff and laborers.

Sign Up/Register:

Questions: Ryan Bailey at


Midwest ROTC Retreat:

“How to Live for Christ in an Increasingly Hostile World”

25-27 February 2022


This retreat features A great mix of morning/evening sessions, seminars, time with ROTC cadets/midshipmen from other campuses, games and active rest.


Location:  Riverside Bible Camp, Story City, Iowa

Speaker:  CAPT (Ret) Ricks Polk, USN

Cost: Students - $50 Cadre/Staff - $75

Cost covers 2 Nights Lodging & 4 Meals!

Open to all ROTC Cadets, Mids, Cadre & Guests

Sign Up/Register:

Questions:  Bob Holthouse at

          Luke Roorda at

          John Cross at

Southeast ROTC Retreat (“IMPACT 2022”)

“Setting Your Azimuth on an Eternal Relationship”

11-13 March 2022


Get to know fellow future officers and some active duty and retired military officers, as well as staff from Navigators Military (including ROTC), Officers’ Christian Fellowship and Cru Valor ROTC.  This conference will challenge and deepen both your understanding of the gospel and how to live a life marked by the good news of Jesus Christ. Through worship, a speaker with a deep understanding of Scripture, testimonies, and challenging workshops you will learn more about how to grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and “impact” the military with the Good News.


Speaker:  Chaplain (COL) Pete Sniffen, USA (Ret)

      Chaplain Sniffin recently retired after 30 years of service as a Christian military officer ministering to the spiritual needs of the US Army.            He was formerly Commandant of the Army Chaplains School, and most recently served on the faculty of the US Army War College.

Location:  Camp Keystone, Starke, Florida

Cost:  Cadets/Midshipmen - $125 (Freshmen - $80)      Others - $175

Open To all ROTC Cadets/Midshipmen, Cadre and Guests.

Sign Up/Register:

Questions:  Contact Roy Garren at

Southwest ROTC Retreat

12-16 March 2022

Location:  Paradise Canyon, Rio Medina, Texas

Details: TBD

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