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Our Amazing Life Guard

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

An Air Force Chaplain at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam became a good friend during our ministry years in Hawaii. He related an incident from his teen years growing up in Hong Kong. While standing at the railing of a ferry crossing Hong Kong harbor, he noticed how filthy the water was. At least during those days, the harbor served as a giant waste dump for the sewage systems in Hong Kong. You can imagine what he saw floating in that sewer called a harbor. He was a certified life guard and he cringed at the thought of having to jump into that sewage to save someone who was drowning. He knew he was honor bound to do just that, since he had signed an oath that he would attempt to rescue anyone he witnessed drowning. As he pondered the awful thought of having to rescue someone from that horrible water, he realized that was exactly what Jesus had done. He had left His Father’s side in paradise to spend 33 years in the cesspool of sin called earth. He hated sin and would be totally immersed in that sin, corruption and rebellion to save those He loved. We do, indeed, have an amazing Savior!

Roy and Deborah Garren serve with The Navigators at the University of Florida.

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